Criminal records required for Citizenship

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As of 24 Jan 2017 for those foreigners asking for citizenship we now have to submit a certificado de antecedentes penales judiciales from our country of origin. I started my process for citizenship around October. I already had my pdi meeting. Now they're asking for, in less than 60 days nonetheless, the aforementioned document. Not sure what to do. I'm from the US and this document doesn't really exist but the closest thing is a criminal background check from the FBI. The FBI website says this takes from 10-12 weeks. Longer than 60 days. That doesn't count that the document also needs to be apostilled, translated and legalized. Nuts... Not sure what to do. The letter I received says I can attach a letter if I don't have all the documents asked for. Should I even start the lengthy process even though there's practically no way I can get this done in time?

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