What would you do ... DSL ISP issue

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For months, just under a year to be exact, I've been fighting with my ISP related to increasinly slow downstream speed. I'm sure everyone here knows the exact level of frustration when dealing with a level i helpdesk. Despite having tested on muliple computers, modems, and even at the network box outside with the same results, I'm told it's my computer or it's my modem. I finally got a tech manager to admit to me they are having bandwidth capacity/hardware capacity issues in my area and he says there is nothing we can do, it just going to be slow when multiple people are using it.Now the question arises, I finally got them to admit this ... what do I do? I can't change providers as it's the only service in my area. I can't cancel it, it's the only way I can get internet. Yet they have been charging me xx amount knowing they can't provide that service. How do I know they knew? I was told that the service I'm paying for 3.0MB service is not being offerred because they know they can't meet that demand, the only offer is 1.5 now. I'm lucky to get .45 down at night and throughout the weekend. So I've been paying for this service, which they fradulantly are charging me for, but obviously I'm not getting the advertised results.Should I pursue this with the ISP? How when they don't seem to care?Should I seek an attorney Should I accidently drive over the DSLAM? What would you do? Again I can't have it turned off or I won't have any service unless I go with some type of wireless which will be data capped.

please help

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